Thursday, June 22, 2006


House inspection today.
Here’s what I found:

Kitchen - always the place to start
* my food bowl - sadly full of crumbs. Not enough whole pieces of cat food to mess with. I’ll have to make sure someone tends to this.
* counter tops - off limits according to the humans. But a quick stretch and sniff indicates nothing up there worth investigating anyway. Just smells like non-edibles like vegetables.
* frig - under, dust and a stale kitty treat

Living Room
* my chair - no one sitting in it. That’s good or I’d whack their ankles. The secret to keeping the humans off is to shed on it a lot.
* couch - secret clawing spot, still undetected
* behind TV - needs vacuuming.
* under tables - kept clear for my napping pleasure
* my personal rug - neat and orderly. Pardon me while I take a quick cat nap.

Bedroom #1
- aka Dad’s office
* smells like incense and woodburning smoke.
* Dad’s desk - needs dusting. A few pencils to batt onto the floor.
* Closet - securely shut. Good thing because they keep the Kitty Monster in there.

Bedroom #2 - Spud’s room
* exceptionally neat while he’s at college
* closet - door open, full of shoes on floor
* under the bed - clear enough for me to take a nap there whenever I want
* window blinds - shut. How can I look outside?

Hall bath
* bathtub - dry. Usually is unless someone else is home to use the shower.
* my water cup - only half full. Someone isn’t doing their job around here.
* vanity cabinet - why do I always have to ask someone to open the cabinet doors when I want to inspect? Contains the same old stuff, stinky cleansers, shampoo and toilet paper

Our bedroom - Mom’s, Dad’s, and Mine.
* Kitty bed - neat and comfortably arranged
* Pillows - supposedly off limits. Ha!, if only they knew what goes on around here when they’re gone.
* under bed - cluttered with storage boxes and musical instrument cases. I can barely squeeze under there. Not enough room for a nap but I could hide in a pinch if I needed to.
* dressers - too many shoes under them. And what’s this? The bill Dad’s been looking for. Well, I’ll never tell.
* computer keyboard - full of cat hair, needs dusting.
* closet - yawn. Time for another nap.

Master Bath

* water cup - lo and behold it’s actually full! I’ll give Mom and “A” for that one.
* tub - full of cat prints from licking off the water drops
* vanity cabinet - oh, oh. Toilet paper’s gone. Someone must noticed that I’ve been wrestling with it. I don’t know why the teeth and claw marks should make a difference. They throw it out anyway.
* and what's that I see near the ceiling? A spider? Is it the tasty kind?


* potted catnip - mmmmmm
* Mom’s flowers - wilting
* cat box - Baking soda only works for so long.

Well, that’s it for today. Time to go take another nap.

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At Saturday, June 24, 2006 3:50:00 PM, Blogger jackie said...

Bug says.

Mroowwwweeeeh, eh?

Bug's mom says,

You look like siblings.


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