Thursday, June 15, 2006

100 Things you've always wanted to know about Me

1. I was born in 2000.

2. I am a southern cat. I was born south of the Mason Dixon Line.

3. I am of Asian descent, which means that I am trim, sleek, active, and have a lot to say.

4. I love kitty treats.

5. They must be tartar control kitty treats.

6. If I hear "Time for snacks!" I come running because I know it's time for kitty treats.

I can sit up for my cat treats.7. I can sit up and beg for my kitty treats.

8. When Dad says "One more" I know to sit down and turn my back on him after he gives me the last treat.

9. I also know that when he holds up one finger that it means the same as "one more."

10. I can count to three. When Mom says "I'll give you three," I know to walk away after I've eaten my third treat.

11. I like to wrestle with Dad after I've had my cat treats. I get very huffy if I don't win.

12. Since sitting up for cat treats works so well, I sit up to ask to be let into the house.

13. I also sit up to ask Mom to show me what she's cooking.

14. If Mom says "Vegetables" then I leave, because vegetables are not edible.

15. The only cat food I will eat is Friskie's Dental Diet.

16. I require that my food bowl be shaken well before I will eat from it.

17. I don't like canned cat food.

18. I don't like going to the vet.

19. I like to drink water from a running faucet.

20. I like to drink water from a cup.

21. If i don't want the water in my own cup, I jump up onto the bathroom vanity to see if Dad left anything in his cup.

22. I ignore boughten catnip toys.

23. I have my own catnip plant.

24. I love my catnip plant.

25. My catnip plant makes me wild.

26. My eyes get huge and black when I'm wild.

27. I attack ankles when I'm wild.

28. Usually I only batt at ankles when they go by.

29. I am ambidextrous. I can use either paw equally well.

30. I like to play with the rings off of milk jug lids.

31. I once got my paw stuck under the refrigerator while chasing after a milk jug ring. My staff had to figure out how to lift up the frig without hurting me. It took awhile.

32. Afterwards my paw was fine but I was very grumpy for the rest of the afternoon.

33. I love string.

34. I love yarn.

35. I love to play chase with yarn or string.

36. I will bring a piece of string or yarn to you when I want to play chase.

37. All the string and yarn in the house belong to me. I only let Mom
use them to amuse me.

38. I help Mom when she measures yarn for a weaving project.

39. I like to chew on Mom's knitting needles.

40. I like to chew on pencil erasers.

41. I used to climb up onto the roof and howl until somebody would get out the ladder and "rescue me." It was great fun unitl one day Mom was home alone and told me she was too busy to get me down. That's when she figured out I could get down by myself.

42. Mom used to have 3 rabbits who lived in hutches outside. Whenever she would feed the rabbits I would climb up the dogwood tree and howl until she got me down. One day she said I was too big and she couldn't get me down, so I had to get down by myself.

43. Once in awhile Mom would bring one of the bunnies inside and it would stay in the "hospital hutch." I would always choose the top of that hutch for my nap spot on those days.

44. I know that "We're leaving" means the humans will be gone for awhile. If I want to stay outside when they say it, then I ignore them. If I prefer to be inside while they're gone, then I run to the door and demand to be let in.

45. I don't think that getting tossed into a pile of freshly raked leaves is any fun.

One of my passtimes is looking out the window.46. Windows are better than TV.

47. I used to have a toy monkey. My staff and I used to play with it. Their job was to toss it back and forth. My job was to leap high in the air and intercept it. I usually won.

48. Sometimes I would just watch while they tossed it back and forth. They never had as much fun when I didn't play and would quit a few seconds later.

49. Sometimes I would carry it to them if I wanted to play.

50. Sometimes I would hide it so they couldn't find it. One time I hid it behind a box on a shelf, but they saw me do it and got it out again.

51. I don't play with the monkey any more because toys are for little kits.

52. But, if someone says "I'm gonna get the monkey!" I keep an eye on them to see what they're really going to do.

53. I don't like other cats.

54. I used to like other cats.

55. I used to have other cats for friends until The Bully started coming around. He thought that just because he could mark my yard and I couldn't, that it belonged to him and not me. So he was always trying to chase me out of my own yard. My staff would chase him away when they saw him, but he kept coming back. After that I stopped liking other cats. Now it is my job to try and chase them all away.

56. Once I jumped onto the wood heater and burned the bottom of my feet. Mom kept putting aloe vera on them but I kept licking it off. Now, anytime someone puts aloe vera on themselves I want to lick it off for them.

57. Mom sometimes gives me garlic as an herbal antibiotic. She hides it in strained baby food meat but I know it's there. I will spit it out if she doesn't get it far enough down my throat.

58. However, I like the baby food enough to come running whenever I smell garlic. I always ask for some though I don't always get it.

I like to keep an eye on the birds.59. One of my hobbies is bird watching.

60. I am a mouser.

61. I catch moles too.

62. I like to get up at 3am.

63. I have the right to awaken the household at 3am if my food bowl is empty.

64. I have the right to awaken the household at 3am if I want to go out.

65. I have the right to awaken the household at 3am if I'm lonely.

66. I have the right to awaken the household at 3am if I'm bored.

67. I have the right to demand that my food dish is kept full at all times.

68. I have the right to demand that the cat food crumbs be removed from my bowl.

69. I have an opinion about everything and never hesitate to say what's on my mind.

70. I can say "hello." At least my humans think it sounds like "hello."

71. I like the juice from the tuna fish can. Just call out "juice!" and I'll come running.

72. I have a kitty door.

73. I will use the kitty door if I have to, but I think that the humans should show proper respect for The Cat by opening the big door for me when I want in or out.

74. When Mom says "Time to go to bed," I jump up onto my own pillow at the foot of the bed.

75. I'd rather sleep on Dad's pillow but he won't let me.

76. If I'm mad at him I take a nap on his pillow.

77. I don't like riding in the car.

78. I don't like my car carrier.

79. I have a very long tail.

80. My tail was broken twice. Once by a huge dog, and once by getting caught in a chain link fence I was jumping over. Both times it drooped pathetically and dragged on the floor. But it healed and is just as majestic and expressive as ever.

81. I don't like dogs.

82. I have a small patch of missing fur on my tail which never grew back after getting it caught in the fence.

83. I like to lick the water drops in the bathtub after someone has taken a shower.

84. I also like to lick the water drops off of their legs when they first get out of the shower.

85. I can recognize the sounds of Mom and Dad's cars. If I hear them I run to the door and meow. If another car pulls up, I run and hide.

86. I recognize Dad's voice on the answering machine. If I hear it I run in to talk to him, but can't figure out where he is. Since he isn't there, I lick the phone and purr instead.

87. I can purr loud enough for the neighbors next door to hear.

88. If I'm trying to get Mom's attention and she ignores me long enough, I sit on her feet.

This is my box. No one else is allowed to touch it.89. I like boxes.

90. I know my name and I know that the words "cat," "kitty," and "good boy" all pertain to me. If you say them I will look at you.

91. Sometimes I like to hide when I take a nap. It's great fun to have my humans not know where I am.
If they call then, I only come out if I feel like it.

92. I change nap spots frequently.

93. I usually do come when I'm called. One never can tell when the humans might have something interesting for The Cat.

94. I am not a lap Cat unless I feel like it.

95. I only like to be petted when I feel like it.

96. If I have dibs on a chair then I will defend it from anyone who tries to take it away from me.

97. I don't really care to be brushed when I'm shedding, but I will tolerate it for awhile. After that, teeth usually do the trick.

98. I'm a companionable cat.

99. Dad used to think he was a confirmed cat hater. Until I came along.

100. I give tail hugs.


At Tuesday, July 11, 2006 10:04:00 AM, Blogger danielle said...

You sound like a wonderful cat.

At Wednesday, May 21, 2008 12:04:00 PM, Anonymous Oz said...

Wow, your my idol. ;)


At Monday, September 21, 2009 7:52:00 AM, Blogger Minemine et coe said...

Rascal it was nice getting to know you through the "100 things". My favorites are no 62 to 66... You are a great cat !

Minemine et cie.


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